Blood flowed over the weekend in Trinidad as 20 males were killed in separate incidents

Blood flowed over the weekend in Trinidad as 20 males were killed in separate incidents in every policing division with the exception of the Central Division.

The killings took place within the Port of Spain, Western, North Eastern, Northern, Eastern, Southern and South-Western Divisions.

4 killings- POS Division

3 killings- Western Division

5 killings- North Eastern Div.

1 killing- Northern Division

3 killings- Eastern Division

2 killings- Southern Division

2 killings- South Western Div.

Of the 20 killings, 4 were as a result of officers-involved shootings in Port of Spain and Morvant on Saturday.

1. 24-year-old Venezuelan national Andres Lopez died on Friday 1st July after being shot in the head in New Grant on June 28th.

2. 34-year-old Mussa Walker who has multiple addresses in South and Central, was shot dead at Madoosingh Drive, Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande on July 1st.

3. 34-year-old Wade Parris was shot dead near Community Lane, Belle Vue, St. James on July 1st.

Four (4) of the victims were shot dead by police in separate incidents at Independence Square Port of Spain, and 2nd Caledonia Road, Morvant.

Three (3) were killed by police in Port of Spain, one (1) wounded and two (2) were taken into custody on July 2nd.

The deceased are:

4. 17-year-old Isaiah Roberts;

5. 21-year-old Fabien Richards;

6. 23-year-old Niko Williams.

Another was killed by police, this time in Morvant…

7. 23-year-old Tristan “Ratty” Springer was killed at his Caledonia Road Morvant home by North Eastern Division police on July 2nd.

8. Jason Hinds was found shot to death at Sawmill Road near St. Albans Quarry at Valencia Old Road, Valencia on July 2nd.

9. 84-year-old Evans Henry was blougend to death with a hammer at Upper Spring Trace, Five Rivers, Arouca on July 2nd.

Four (4) Santa Cruz friends were gunned down inside a car at Anvaya Lane, Damien Bay, North Coast Road, Maracas on July 2nd.

The victims:

10. Keron Pope

11. Elijah Farrel

12. “CJ Dan” a dancehall artiste

13. Mincy Boy”

14. Curtis Harriot was shot dead on the Highway in Debe- 3 suspects held in getaway car on the highway in Chaguanas on July 2nd.

15. A Venezuelan national was stabbed to death during a fight with other Venezuelans at a bar in Duncan Village on July 3rd.

16. Dexter Benjamin was stabbed to death at Sogren Trace, Laventille, on July 3rd.

17. Tyrone Gavaskar Nehorah was found murdered near his South Oropouche home on July 3rd.

18. A bandit was found shot to death, with a gun in his hand moments after robbing a woman of her vehicle in Sangre Grande on July 3rd.

Two were shot dead, one was injured in Cocorite shooting.

19. 30-year-old Geovani Jones Lashley of water hole Cocorite was killed in the area on July 3rd.

20. 21-year-old Shemuel Robenson of Waterhole Cocorite, was shot dead in the area on July 3rd.

Courtesy Ian Alleyne

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