Be careful of what you post or share about someone on WhatsApp, because it can cost you a lot before the courts…

A Whatsapp chat squabble between two cops ended with one being ordered to pay $75,000 for defaming the other.

The officer, who won the lawsuit, told the other officer in the Central Watch Police WhatsApp chat: “Is best to shut your mouth on this chat before u get case this homer Simpson humpty dumpty fly by night detective does quick to jump 2 d defence of his friend and cant do a proper investigation.”

This statement prompted the defendant to take offence and make slanderous statements against the Claimant where she gave sex to senior officers to get favours within the Police Service and that her husband was a bandit.

The WPC wasn’t having it and eventually took the matter to court and emerged victorious before Justice Frank Seepersad.

Seepersad ruled, on Tuesday 16th August, 2022, that persons can defame and slander others via the WhatsApp messaging App.

Justice Seepersad said you cannot forward a message about someone that you cannot defend.

So folks, be careful and be prepared to put your money where your mouth is when you decide to post and/or share slanderous statements.

The Courts have ruled in the past that slandering someone via social media can get you in trouble.

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