Bandit found dead with gun in hand next to a car he stole at gunpoint in Sangre Grande…

minutes after robbing a woman of her car at gunpoint in Sangre Grande on Sunday 3rd July, 2022, the armed thief was found shot to death along a track in the area with his gun clutched in his hand outside the stolen car.

The incident happened just after 7am when the armed suspect accosted a 30-year-old woman and relieved her of her Toyota Fielder station wagon motor car at Oropouche Road, Sangre Grande.

Sangre Grande police responded to the robbery report and spotted the woman’s car with the driver’s door opened on a track near Camparo Trace off Flemming Street, Fishing Pond, Sangre Grande.

The suspect was later found in the bushes with a gun in his hands and wounds to the body in an unresponsive state.

He was taken to the Sangre Grande Hospital by police but was declared dead.

Note: Four (4) good and notable things came out of this incident.

1. The victim was not physically harmed;

2. Police recovered an illegal firearm;

3. The victim will get back her car after it’s processed by police; and

4. One less miscreant on the streets and to feed in the prison.

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