Autopsies conducted on the two decapitated bodies reveal one of the victims was first shot in the head before both men were decapitated and dismembered…

• An autopsy conducted on the bodies of two men found decapitated and in garbage bags in a river at Mon Plasir Road, Cunupia on Monday 17th October, 2022, revealed one of them was shot to the head before being decapitated and the other was also decapitated.

• The post mortem took place at the Forensic Sciences Centre in St. James on Friday 21st October, 2022, on the bodies of Makell Simon of Soldado Road Lange Park and Josiah Charles of Circular Trace, Enterprise.

• Josiah was shot in the head, decapitated and dismembered while Markell was also decapitated and dismembered, the autopsies revealed.

• Both men went missing on the same day around the same time over the weekend and were identified as the men who were dismembered and dumped in a river days later.

• On Thursday, relatives of both men positively identified the positive identifications were made today, Wednesday 19th October, 2022, at the Forensic Sciences Centre, days after the victims were found chopped to pieces inside garbage bags in a river off Gillies Road, Mon Plasir Road, Cunupia.

• On Tuesday, a right arm tied with telephone wire and a bag with parts of a torso and clothing were found further upstream by police officers of the air support unit led by Insp. Rampallard.

• Insp. Jones and a team of officers from the region 3 homicide bureau of investigations and the central division visited both scenes and are continuing investigations into the double murder.

• Additional body parts were found at the river in Gillies Road, Mon Plasir Road, Cunupia on Tuesday 18th October, 2022, one day after several garbage bags with the mutilated bodies of two men were found.

• Closer examination revealed a right arm of a male with the wrist bound with an electrical cord. Additional searches further down the river also yielded a black bag floating in the middle of the river with a piece of brick inside. There were also items of clothing and parts of a male torso in the bag.

• Officers believe several bags were dumped into the river at the side of gillies road and some of the body parts were pulled upstream by the currents.

• The dismembered bodies of two men found stuffed in garbage bags in a river at Gillies Road, off Mon Plasir Road, Cunupia, on Monday 17th October, 2022, are suspected to be that of two missing Chaguanas men.

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