Arson Attack in Ramnauth Trace, Caroni leaves family homeless.

Just over a year after members of the community came together and built a home for a family, the structure was gutted late on Sunday night in an arson attack.

• The incident happened at the home of 23-year-old Kajol Ramkissoon who lives there with the husband 30-year-old Dave Primal and their 4-year-old son at Ramnauth Trace Caroni South Bank Road, Caroni.
• According to Kajol, she and her husband were at the nearby river cooking late on Sunday night with other persons when they were informed that their house was on fire.
• By the time they arrived, the structure was engulfed in flames and nothing could have been salvaged from the house.
• Neighbours were attempting to contain the blaze and managed to save the property on her mother-in-law which still sustained damage caused by the fire.
• A few hours before the fire, Kajol confirmed, her husband was engaged in a verbal dispute near the river with another man over $100.
• However she said there is no evidence at the moment to link the dispute with the arson at their home which does not have a supply of electricity.
• Anyone willing to assist the family who lost everything in the fire is asked to call 363-5376

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