An unidentified man was shot and killed while driving a car at the Corner of Wellington Road

.A man who is yet to be identified, was shot and killed while driving a car at the Corner of Wellington Road and Sub Office Trace, Debe on Wednesday 25th January 2023.
• The victim is believed to be a Venezuelan national.
• Around 10:10pm a motorist was driving his vehicle south along Papourie Road in Debe.
• When he was about to turn right onto Wellington Road, the deceased’s car overtook his vehicle at a high rate of speed followed by a silver Nissan B15.
• The victim’s red Hyundai Elantra motor vehicle registered PBJ 9103 crashed shortly after and several loud explosions were heard.
• The witness drove further along Wellington Road, stopped his vehicle and turned off the lights within proximity of Sub office Trace, Debe.
• He observed the said Nissan B15 reversing along the said roadway towards his direction, followed by 3 men running towards the vehicle which they escaped in by driving onto the bypass road after the Fun Splash Waterpark.
• Around 10:18 pm PC Seelochan, PC Nabie, and PC Ragoonanan were on mobile patrol in the Barrackpore police district when they responded to a report about a shooting.
• Upon their arrival, the officers discovered a vehicle crashed into a Light Pole and a man slumped onto the front passenger seat with a gunshot injury to the head.
• He appeared to be of Hispanic descent, fair-skinned in complexion, medium built, sporting a short curly hairstyle, clad in a yellow Armani short sleeve Tee Shirt, Grey Short Pants, and bare feet.
• Crime Scene Investigators visited the scene and recovered 26 spent 9mm shell casings with one bearing the markings “TTPS”.

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