An ex-cop surrenders on a murder warrant after being a fugitive for 9 years…

Now that murder accused are being granted bail, an ex-cop surrenders on a murder warrant after being a fugitive for 9 years…

After 9 years on the run from the law, a former police officer surrendered to his colleagues after he was committed to stand trial for the murder of an 8year-old boy.

Darwin Ghouralal walked into the San Fernando Police Station on Saturday 9th July, 2022, and informed officers that he heard there was a warrant for his arrest.

The warrant was located and executed on Ghouralal and he was taken to the Maximum Security Prison to await trial at the High Court for allegedly murdering Daniel Guerra.

Ghouralal was freed of the charge by Senior Magistrate Ragendra Rambachan after a no-case submission was upheld. However, the prosecution challenged the Magistrate’s decision.

A High Court Judge, after reviewing the case, quashed Rambachan’s decision and ordered that Ghouralal, who was not present in court, be committed to stand trial on the same procedure which had been dismissed.

A warrant was then issued for his arrest but he could not be found and managed to flee apprehension.

Ghouralal gave himself up on the heels of persons charged with murder being granted bail following a ruling by the Court of Appeal.

Now that he is in lawful custody, Ghouralal can apply to a judge of the High Court to be released on bail pending the determination of the case.

Ghouralal was accused of allegedly murdering eight-year-old Daniel Guerra of Gasparillo in February 2011

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