After he survived two separate attempts to kill him in 2012 and 2018, where he was shot 18 times in one incident near the Mon Repos Police Station

in San Fernando, a 31-year-old man was shot 7 times but succumbed to his injuries at a hospital earlier this afternoon.

• 31-year-old Nicholas Gajadhar of St. Madeleine, San Fernando, was shot 8 times about the body shortly after 3pm on Sunday 30th October, 2022.

• Gajadhar was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he died around 3:45pm.
(More on this latest story when it becomes available)


On Sunday 14th January, 2018:

• 27-year-old Nicholas Gajadhar of Ste Madeleine was standing outside the Mon Repos Housing Development Corporation building complex a stone’s throw away from the Mon Repos Police Station when he was shot in the head and chest.

• The shooter was said to be wearing camouflage clothing.

• Gajadhar was shot 18 times but survived the attack.

And on Saturday 17th 2012:

• Gajadhar, 21-years-old, at the time and a father of two children, was rushed to the hospital after he was shot multiple times about the body around 3am at Charlies’ Bar, Point-a-Pierre Road, San Fernando.

• Three armed men pulled up in a car, entered the bar and shot Gajadhar several times about the body before escaping in their vehicle.

• After being listed in critical condition for several weeks, Gajadhar managed to survive the attack.

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