A U.S citizen, who was a known offender was shot and killed on the pavement in Arima.

A U.S citizen, who was a known offender living at Sherwood park aka the Congo in Arima, was shot and killed on the pavement at Pro Queen Street in Arima on Tuesday 10th January, 2023.
• The deceased has been identified as 31-year-old Drew Taylor Kowlessar of #2 Sherwood Park, Arima. Drew died at the scene of the shooting incident which happened outside the drag mall in Arima.
• According to police shortly before 7pm WPC Lovell and PC Scipio of the Arima police station, responded to a wireless report from the police command center about a shooting at pro queen street.
• The officers left the police station on foot and arrived at the scene about a minute later where they discovered a crowd of persons gathered on the pavement next to Drew’s body.
• Around 6:30pm, Drew was at a store in the drag mall when a black Nissan x-trail SUV with blue flashing lights pulled up in front and four men alighted armed with guns and entered the store.
• Two of the suspects were dressed in police operational wear while the other two were in military camouflage clothing. The suspects then shot Drew several times about the body before fleeing the scene.
• The suspects then re-entered the vehicle which drove south along pro queen street, then east onto green street.
• Crime scene investigators recovered 22 spent 5.56 shells casings along with one live round of 5.56 ammunition and two fragments.
• Snr supt. Singh, Sgt. Ramoutar, Pc Lopez of the region 2 Homicide Bureau of Investigations along with Insp. Dedier and Sgt. Camacho of the northern division were among the officers who visited the scene. Pc Lopez is investigating the incident.

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