A toddler escaped a barrage of bullets which claimed the life of her parents in St. James…

• 30-year-old Samantha Patrick and her boyfriend 30-year-old Korey Clarke were discovered shot to death in their bed and their 7-month-old baby lying next to them in their apartment at Dundonald Hill St. James late on Wednesday 26th October, 2022.

• The couple was discovered dead by a male relative of Korey who went to check on him after multiple gunshots rang out in the area around 11:30pm.

• Officers of the Western Division’s Special Crime Patrol Unit responded to the incident along with paramedics but Korey and Samantha were already dead.

• The baby, police said, was unhurt during the shooting incident and several 5.56 spent casings were found at the scene.


On Sunday, 2-year-old Nizam Owen was among four people killed in a car along the Diego Martin Main Road in which his parents survived despite also being shot.

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