A shooting at Henry Street Tunapuna, left one man dead and another injured.

• The deceased victim was identified as 36-year-old Kendell Williams, while the injured man was identified as 25-year-old Malique Ben.

• Around 11:50am, the victims were liming in front of Malique’s home when a vehicle approached.

Two (2) gunmen exited the vehicle and began shooting at the duo, who both sustained gunshot injuries.

• When they fell to ground, one of the gunmen allegedly stood over Williams and continued shooting him, before fleeing the scene.

• Both men were taken to the hospital where Williams was pronounced dead and Malique remains in critical condition.

Tragedy struck a San Fernando family after a man allegedly shot and killed his estranged wife before turning the gun on himself, on Friday 04th November, 2022.

• The suspect was identified as Shamzard Mohammed, a licensed firearm holder, permitted to possess four (4) handguns and a shotgun.

• Around 6:30am, the victim identified as 42-year-old Keisha Marina Bostic was reportedly leaving their Drayton Street family home to go to work when she was confronted by Shamzard.

• Shamzard allegedly pulled out his firearm and fired several shots at Bostic, hitting her multiple times about the body.

• Mohammed then shot himself, collapsed to the floor, and died at the scene of the incident.

• Bostic was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where she was pronounced dead while undergoing treatment.

• The incident took place near the Anstey Memorial Girls’ Anglican School.

31-year-old Samuel Pereira of Upper Fairley Street Tunapuna was shot and killed along St. Vincent Street, Tunapuna.

• Around 8:45pm, Pereira was in the company of the mother of his children after she dropped off food for him

• As they stood talking to each other, an unknown vehicle approached and a lone gunman exited and began shooting.

• While attempting to flee, Pereira sustained a gunshot injury which caused him to fall to the ground.

• The gunman ran up to him and stood over him firing several more shots before exiting in a waiting vehicle.

A man identified as 38-year-old Shawn Henry aka “Bobo” was reportedly shot dead at William Drive, Mt Dor Road, Champ Fleurs on Friday 04th November, 2022.

• Around 5:30am, Henry was asleep at his home when the armed assailant reportedly kicked down his door and shot him multiple times on the bed, before fleeing the scene.

• Relatives who were nearby heard the gunshots and upon investigation, they saw Henry’s lifeless body covered in gunshot injuries.

A man identified as 33-year-old Sharaz Ali aka “Teddy” was shot and killed at his home in Uquire Road Freeport on Thursday 3rd November, 2022.

• Around 7 pm, reports were made of a shooting after residents hears several loud explosions coming from Ali’s residence.

• Officers responded to the incident and found Ali lying motionless in his yard, bleeding after sustaining several gunshot injuries about the body.

• Ali survived a shooting incident in June in which two men were killed.

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