A couple was shot dead at their claxton bay home on Thursday 11th may, 2023

A couple was shot dead at their Claxton Bay home on Thursday 11th May, 2023.

• The deceased were identified as, 35-year-old Devon Drayton and 30-year-old Angelica George aka Asha George.

• Just after midnight, the couple and their two daughters were laying on a mattress at their home in Hilltop Drive, Springvale, Claxton Bay, when a knock at the door alerted them.

• Shortly after, two armed men stormed the home and the couple’s 14-year-old daughter managed to escape through a door and ran to a neighbour’s house.

• She heard several loud explosions and quickly called the police to report the incident.

• When the officers arrived at the scene, they found the couple’s 12-year-old daughter standing at the door bleeding from a wound to her head and her hands covered in blood.

• The child was subsequently taken to the Couva health facility for treatment.

• Further investigation of the crime scene led them to the unresponsive bodies of the girls’ parents covered in gunshot injuries.

• Police currently have no motive for the killing and investigations continue.

Asha George was the 22nd female to be murdered for the year thus far.

Asha George was also the previous girlfriend of Jeremiah Stephen aka “G5”, who was gunned down at her Claxton Bay home in January, 2018.

On Thursday 4th January 2018: 23-year-old Jeremiah Stephen aka “G5” was shot dead at the Tambu Hill Springvale Claxton Bay home of his then girlfriend Asha George.

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