A candle for our fallen friends…

A candle for our fallen friends…

Relatives and friends of three (3) young adult males shot and killed by GEB officers in Port of Spain on Saturday 2nd July, 2022, light candles in their honor on the “Nine Nights” of their death at the corner of Chacon Street and Independence Square, where they died.

Tomorrow, 21-year-old Fabien Richards will be laid to rest after a funeral service in St. James carded to begin at 11am. Fabien’s body would be taken to the Beetham for viewing before his going home service.

On Friday 8th July, 17-year-old Isaiah Roberts, the first of the three killed by police, was laid to rest after a funeral service at Simpsons Memorial Chapel in Laventille.

Yesterday, we reported that the Crime Scene Investigators did not recover any bullet casings at the scene from the Smith and Wesson pistol officers claimed they found in the vehicle the trio was killed inside.

The absence of any spent shells from the pistol police claimed was found at the scene, has cast doubt on the police version of events that after the car crashed into the wall of the bank, occupants of the vehicle fired shots at GEB officers, who pumped bullets into the car.

Autopsies conducted on the three victims on Tuesday 5th July, revealed they were shot behind their backs, heads, necks and buttocks.

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