A 54-year-old man said he was chopped by his brother-in-law at his business place in La Horquetta

A 54-year-old man who said he was chopped by his brother-in-law while at his business place in La Horquetta on Sunday 11th December, has accused the police of refusing to take their report and investigate the matter.

• Charl Issa, the owner of Charlies Gyros, located at De Freitas Boulevard in La Horquetta, said he was chopped on the neck and cut on his hands when his brother-in-law Hosanna Sookar, attacked him at his business.

• Issa said Hosanna came to his Gyro stall and began quarrelling with him about issues relating to their home. Issa claimed Hosanna struck him with a plastic chair and tossed a large stone at him.

• He added that sometime after, Hosanna returned with a machete, and placed it at Issa’s neck which cut him. Issa was also cut on the hands while attempting to wrestle the blade from Hosanna.

• Issa said he received 20 stitches to the neck, six on his finger and treatment for other injuries sustained during the attack.

• To date, he and his son, Alex, who was also injured during the incident, have not been able to lodge a report at the La Horquetta Police Station and have been told on three occasions by police to return another time.

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