D’Abadie Arima woman murdered an autopsy revealed after police initially classified her death as “a sudden death”.

37-year-old Krystal Stacey Long was killed at Sapadilla drive crescent garden Mausica D’abadie Arima on Friday 9th September 2022.

• Long, an autopsy stated, died from multiple blunt force trauma to her body. Her relatives said she was beaten to death by a man known to her who had informed her son that his mother just died.

• By the time the EHS arrived, Long was already dead. Her relatives said her body had multiple marks of violence and they were baffled that Arima police had initially listed her death as a “sudden death”.

• However, it was not until an autopsy had been conducted, homicide detectives got involved after the result revealed Long was murdered.

• Relatives said Long was in an abusive relationship with a man who constantly threatened to kill her and other relatives who tried to assist her.

• LONG, a mother of 3 children, made numerous reports to the police but quietly had the case withdrawn because of fear for the suspect.

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